The Simulation Hypothesis #1Congressional Oversight 30x24" $525Venus In Transition SOLDConvocation 36"x36" $850Mathioli's Legacy 40x30x2.5 SOLDConference of The 7 Valleys SOLDWait For Me 24x24" SOLDWhen I'm Finally Done You'll Know Why It's Called A CrushOff The Balcony 36x24x2.5 $1400 SOLDDiva De Los Muertos SOLDChorus By Happenstance SOLDStretch SOLDSummer of Fires and Amarone Wings of Grace 24x24x2.5 SOLDSo Much For The AfterGlow SOLDCommission for Tinhorn Creek VineyardsHarbingers 36"x48"A Promise of Fresh Flowers $3200 SOLDAutumn Falls Thick 36x72 SOLD7 Devils In My Head SOLDThe Rule Of Balance 30"x30" $875Conspiracy 24"x30" SOLDYou Were Here 40x30" $2600 SOLDTop Shelf #1 30x40" SOLDOur Dirty Little Secret $725Kafka's Flight  (SOLD)Rebirth of Venus SOLDThe GloamingGiselle 18x36 SOLDColoursong For a New Home 40x30x2.5 SOLDVenus On The Cusp $2100 SOLDInaugural Valley Vintage SOLD36x8" $375The Spoils of Success $4000 60x40' SOLDGrappa! $1400 SOLD